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Very successful 2015 Nordic Fitness Expo

Very successful 2015 Nordic Fitness Expo-2

The 2015 edition of the Fitness and Bodybuilding Festival, organized this weekend by the President of the Finish Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation KP Ourama in Lathi, Finland, was very successful.

The sport program included the National Championships, with the Nordic Championships and a new edition of the IFBB Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships with the participation of 114 athletes from Bikini and Bodyfitness, being the overall winners Jaana Makytcheva (Bikini) and Lina Levanoja (Bodyfitness), that qualified for the Pro card.

At the Pro show, 57 athletes from 22 countries, competed in a full house venue plenty of enthusiastic expectators, being the winners William Bonac, Ashley Kaltwasser (Bikini), Rigiane da Silva (Fitness) and Kati Alander (Figures).