International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

The championships season has started!

The competitions are already underway around the planet IFBB, from this weekend, and we are knowing to the first champions.

Alongside national competitions that have already been launched in many countries, international attention has been established in Tahiti (IFBB Nui Cup) and in Pittsburgh (USA) where the North American Championships held, and in which 1,265 athletes are taking part. Bodybuilding and Fitness are more alive than ever!

Quantity and quality, if we consider the image of the overall winner: Mitchell Staats; an American of Saint Louis (Missouri) 29 years old, with the fabulous line we see in the photo. Staats also won in the Lightheavyweigths, before another 45 rivals. His future looks excellent, according his conditions and youth.

The competition is already underway … who will be the next athlete to win the attention?