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Tahiti Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation attended the France Championships

Tahiti Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation attended the France Championships-2

The Tahiti Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation was traveling to France to participate in the Final of the France Bodybuilding Championships. The competition took place in Gravelines on April 23rd – 24th.

The Tahiti Team was composed of 3 athletes: Ching Michael and Gurt Heitaa who competed respectively in the category of Men’s Physique up to 1,78m and Vincent Carreau who was aligned in the category of Men’s Classic Bodybuilding.

The Tahiti Federation moving to France was also an opportunity for its President Mr. Jerry Yeung renew and strengthen ties with his French counterpart Mr Mario Valero President of the French Bodybuilding Federation.

A collaboration of long dates as effectively Mr. Jerry Yeung was an athlete who won several French National titles before becoming the head and hold the office of President of the Tahiti Bodybuilding & Fitness in French Polynesia.

It is likely now that athletes from Tahiti moved to France Championships would be included in the sporting Tahiti Federation calendar soon. So great news for Tahitian athletes and a very good initiatives of the leaders of the Tahiti Federation under the dynamic leadership of their President Mr. Jerry Yeung to advance for his Tahitian Team of the IFBB family.