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By Andrew Michalak The registration was run Friday evening at the venue. Almost all nominated athletes were registered; however, their distribution among categories has changed a little, depending on their current bodyweight and body height. The program has been constructed this way that some categories of each division will be held on Saturday, the other […]

Judges Seminar in Genoa (Italy)

The IFBB doesn’t stop with its activities, being them sport or educational events! Chairman of IFBB Judges Committee, Mr. Pawel Filleborn, travelled to Genoa (Italy) to assist to a Judges Seminar. It was perfectly organized and hosted by the President of the Italian Bodybuilding Federation, Mr. Benedetto Mondello, a very active member of the IFBB […]

St. Lucia Bodybuilding and Fitness Fe...

Last weekend, the Chairman of IFBB Judges Committee, Mr. Pawel Filleborn, attended a successful Judges seminar in Castries, St. Lucia. It was organised by the President of St. Lucia Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, Mrs. Jacqueline Trim. Atended by Officials from Guadeloupe, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas and St.Lucia, including International Judges as Mrs. Susanna Hadad and […]

Chairman of IFBB Judges Committe, Paw...

In the dynamic program of activities carried on internationally by the Judges Committee, the Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committe, Mr. Pawel Filleborn, will be addressing an International Judges Course at the city of Genoa, Italy. The Course will be organized by the Italian Federation President and EBFF Vice President, Mr. Benedetto Mondello. The Italian […]

Successful Kevin Levrone Pro Classic ...

Last weekend, the successful 2016 Kevin Levrone Pro Classic took place in Poland, being Cedric McMillian the Bodybuilding Overall Winner. The championship was organized by Promoter and Fitness Authority CEO Mr. Tadeusz Zarebski and Pro star Kevin Levrone, a great athlete who’s now spending his energy promoting our sport. The championship was attended by President […]


After great experiences in Zagreb and Minsk, another European capital as Lisbon hosted an IFBB Judges Seminar, leaded by Mr. Pawel Filleborn, chairman of the Judges Committee, on recent Sunday, 21th February. Over 60 portugueses judges, athletes and officials from its national federation (FLCF) took part in this seminar, joined by national president, Mr. Vitor […]


IFBB Judges Committee already started its activities, this year 2016. Immediately after Christmas period, dynamic chairman Mr. Pawel Filleborn offered a Judges Seminar in Zagreb (Croatia). It took place last Sunday January 10th, in which over 50 IFBB judges from Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia took part, as well as some athletes and coaches interested in […]



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