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Chairman of IFBB Judges Committe, Paw...

In the dynamic program of activities carried on internationally by the Judges Committee, the Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committe, Mr. Pawel Filleborn, will be addressing an International Judges Course at the city of Genoa, Italy. The Course will be organized by the Italian Federation President and EBFF Vice President, Mr. Benedetto Mondello. The Italian […]


After great experiences in Zagreb and Minsk, another European capital as Lisbon hosted an IFBB Judges Seminar, leaded by Mr. Pawel Filleborn, chairman of the Judges Committee, on recent Sunday, 21th February. Over 60 portugueses judges, athletes and officials from its national federation (FLCF) took part in this seminar, joined by national president, Mr. Vitor […]

Very successful IFBB Judges Seminar a...

Very interesting IFBB Educational activities have been held this past August 25th and 26th, in Doha, Qatar: an IFBB Judges Seminar and a Weight Training Prescription Specialist Course, organized by the young and energetic IFBB official, and Chairman of the IFBB Marketing Commission for the Middle East, Mr. Adel Al Ansari, with the IFBB Judges […]



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