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Successful Kevin Levrone Pro Classic took place in Poland

Last weekend, the successful 2016 Kevin Levrone Pro Classic took place in Poland, being Cedric McMillian the Bodybuilding Overall Winner. The championship was organized by Promoter and Fitness Authority CEO Mr. Tadeusz Zarebski and Pro star Kevin Levrone, a great athlete who’s now spending his energy promoting our sport.

The championship was attended by President Santonja and the President of the Bodybuilding Polish Federation and Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee Mr. Pawel Filleborn. The Polish Federation is celebrating its 25th anniversary, as the result of the great work it has been doing under the leadership of Mr. Filleborn. He wanted to shared his joy with President Santonja, who received a commemorative medal for the 25th anniversary.

During the finals, President Santonja also gave Mr. Tadeusz and Mr. Levrone the IFBB Achievement Awards, recognizing their outstanding work in our sport.

This was a great weekend for our sport in Poland. You can see more pictures about it on IFBB Facebook Fan Page!