International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Armando M.The oldest Bodybuilding & Fitness Club, in Russia, celebrates its 50th Anniversary, plain of members and full of energy to afford new projects.

Founded by international IFBB judge and official, Mr. Eugene Koltun, on 1967 February 20th, when he was in his youth 20´s; quickly became in a referent spot for Bodybuilding and strength training, not only in Tyumen -the largest city in Siberia-, but in the whole Russia.

Thousands of Bodybuilding fans worldwide discovered Tyumen, thanks to Antey Gym and the efforts of Mr. Koltun to promote the sport with the support of Tyumen Government and Russian Federation, through international events as the 2007 EBFF Junior & Master Championships or the 2011 EBFF Fitness Championships. During this events and in other visits of his long friendships, it was very common to see President Santonja training in Antey Gym, as a common athlete more.

Today, the “Antey Sports Club” is a modern centre that, under Mr. Koltun´s guidelines, keeps focused in Bodybuilding and Fitness. Equipped with dumbbells from 1 kg to 60 kg -as an example-, over 2.000 members workout inside with any level of athletic performance: from the beginner to the professional athlete. With such atmosphere of passion for sport, it´s not strange that several IFBB World and European champions made their first steps in “Antey Club”, as Elena Davidova, Natalia Proskuryakova, Janna Babanina, Elina Gook or Julia Ushakova; all of them coached by the always active Mr. Koltun.

Picture: President Santonja and Mr. Eugene Koltun shares a personal friendship since decades ago. Training in “Antey Gym” or promoting Bodybuilding through several international events celebrated in Tyumen, they have the same amazing passion for Bodybuilding and Fitness.