International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

Romanian Federation visited IFBB headquarters in Madrid

The President of the Romanian Bodybuilding Federation, Mr. Gabriel Toncean and the President of the Balkan and Romanian Judges Committee, Mr. Ovidiu Mezdrea visited IFBB headquarters in Madrid, Spain to met President Santonja, who recently travelled back to Spain after attending the successful Arnold Classic Columbus.

At the meeting they discussed about several projects in the area, in which the Romanian Federation and the IFBB are working together. Mr. Toncean and Mr. Mezdrea also awarded President Santonja in the name of the Romanian Federation in recognition to all his implication to promote Bodybuilding.

Mr. Toncean is an active bussiness man and his leadership of the Romanian Federation is very fruitful for our sport and lifestyle.

Ovidiu Mezdrea is a long standing member of IFBB , with a long record of sucesfull services to our sport.