International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

President Santonja with Mr. KP Ourama in Helsinki

Although it was a very short stop in Helsinky, during a connection flight to Tokyo, it was impossible for President Santonja to pass through Finland missing the opportunity to meet with Mr. KP Ourama, President of the Nordic Federation and a very active IFBB official.

At the meeting there were some important matters in the agenda to be followed, like the next coming Nordic Fitness Expo in Lahti; the study of the progression and improvements for the 2016 European Championships; the evaluation for the policy of future streaming programs at IFBB TV and too many others.

The timing did not allow President Santonja to leave the international terminal and, due to the short time in advance that Mr. Ourama knew his flight itinerary, he could not ask the airport security for their permission to enter the customs. But everything was solved with the most genuine KP Ourama’s efficient style: he bought an International plane ticket which let him passed to the international terminal, for we think, the shortest international flight of his life (0 seconds) but a very fruitful meeting.

In the picture, you can see President Santonja and Mr. KP Ourama with his plane ticket. Hope the next meeting lasts a little longer!