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With his solid 124 kg, born in Poland but resident in Germany, fantastic athlete Paul Poloczek won the 2017 Amateur Arnold Classic overall Bodybuilding title, with a perfect score from the judges (5 points).

Poloczek, the heaviest athlete in the event, won the Super Heavy weight category with perfect scores in every round (15 total points), defeating athletes as Italian Andrea Presti (silver medal) or Mexican Isaac Orejel (bronze medal). Beside such fantastic victory, the best was about to come: under the attention of Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Santonja, Poloczeck beated the other five champions, again with unanimous decision from the judges (5 points), and took the overall title, the Pro Card, and an invitation for next Arnold Classic Pro Show, in 2018.

Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger and President Santonja with 2017 overall Bodybuilding champion, Paul Poloczek. The Polish-German athlete was really emotional onstage, after his victory in which was unanimously chosen as champion by the judges.