International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Some days before to start the competitive season, the IFBB Judge´s Committee is boosting its goal to update the skills of the international and national judges. If the United Kingdom Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (UKBFF) hosted a brilliant Judge´s Seminar, last February 5th, with Mr. Pawel Filleborn as lecturer; this recent Saturday 11th, the chairman of the Judge´s Committee traveled to Malta, to offers a new seminar.

The event, organized by the Maltese Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (MFBBF), took place in the Hilton Malta Hotel and over 30 national and international maltese judges attended the seminar, leaded by MFBBF president, Mr. Ralph DeCelis; who was joined by other experienced maltese officials as the General Secretary, Mss. Blanche Coppola and former president, Mr. Mario Pace.

MFBBF has become in a very active federation; next Sunday 26th will celebrate a meeting with its national competitors and coaches, in preparation for the contest of the year in the country: the 1st. IFBB Diamond Cup Malta that will be held, in St. Julian, from April 15th to 16th, open to athletes from Europe, Asia and North Africa.

Picture: Mr. Pawel Filleborn and Mr. Ralph DeCelis with the maltese officials who attended the IFBB Judge´s Seminar, Saturday 11th; in St. Julian (Malta).