International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Armando M.  A new era begins for Bodybuilding and Fitness, in Colombia, after the General Assembly celebrated this past weekend by its National Federation, which elected its new Executive Board, as follows:

President: Carlos Cifuentes
Vice-President: Gerardo Andrade
Secretary: Mario León
Treasurer: Mario Jiménez
Vocal: Marta Garzón

Representing IFBB, Lic. Juan Paredes -President of the South American Confederation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (CSFF)-; supervised the development of the Assembly and the electoral process, in which this new Executive Board was elected, communicating the full support from the IFBB.

The new president, Mr. Carlos Cifuentes, sent a welcome message to all athletes and Bodybuilding fans, inviting to participate in the important events that will take place, this season, in Colombia. The first one will take place in just 30 days : The 1st. Olympia Amateur South America to be held in Medellín, next February 17th to 19th.

President Santonja will be in Colombia, next February, in several occasions; not only  attending the Olympia Amateur in Medellín, but also visiting previously Barranquilla, attending an Olympic meeting,  a few days before.

Picture: Lic. Juan Paredes -CSFF President- and Mr. Carlos Cifuentes, with the new Executive Board, in Colombia.