International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

Moldavian Bodybuilding Federation, a very active member

Our sport keeps growing and improving all over the World. European East countries are, as well, a very fruitful area for the growth of Bodybuilding.

The Moldovian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, under the leadership of Mr. Dmitrii Sergheevici, is a very active member of the IFBB. Mr. Sergheevici is a dedicated official that use to attend all IFBB International championships and activities, and also an excellent promoter our sport and healthy life style, which have experienced a dynamic growth in the country.

The Moldovian Federation is getting ready for a successful National Championships on May 14th in city of Chisináu.

In the picture, you can see President Santonja with Mr. Dmitrii Sergheevici.