International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Romania will be a key place, this 2017; as its National Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (FRCF) will host the IFBB World Junior & Master Championships (10th to 13rd November), in the beautiful village of Bistrita.

Already working in such important event, the FRCF will be leaded by Mr. Gabriel Toncean, who was reelected unanimously as President, by its General Assembly celebrated, some days ago, in which participated 55 Romanian Bodybuilding clubs.

Picture: FRCF president Mr. Gabriel Toncean, with his Executives: Monica Muresan, Cheteles Dumintru, Michael Madras, Ovidio Mezdrea, Daniel Opera, Marius Portik, Anghel Zapartan, Marius Mazilu and Aurel Berbec.