International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Armando M.   The new year just came and IFBB Educational Program is already on duty! Mr. Pawel Filleborn, chairman of the IFBB Judge´s Committee went to Belgium to offers, as lecturer, a new Seminar for Judges, Coaches and Athletes, recent Sunday 8th December.

Belgian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, chaired by Mr. André Wouters, celebrated as well its Annual Assembly in Grobbendonk -a municipality located in the province of Antwerp, 70 km from capital city Brussels-, during this recent weekend. Near 50 athletes and officials meet in Hotel Aldhem Grobbendonk, attending the Assembly and the Seminar, reaching a full success of this initiative.

Picture: Mr. Pawel Filleborn, joined by Belgian executives Mr. André Wouters (chairman, right) and Mrs. Fabi Antoine (left).