International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Organized by IFBB Academy Portugal, an important number of athletes and Bodybuilding coaches followed, in the city of Porto; an interesting course about weight training and its applications to reach the best results in Bodybuilding, presented by Professor Mauricio de Arruda, Chairman of IFBB Technical Committee.

With his high education in kinesiology and bio mechanical principles, beside his solid experience in Bodybuilding, Prof. Arruda exposed the last information and skills about weight training, in his native tongue -Portuguese- which was really valued for the audience, asking several questions about Bodybuilding strategies.

The course -“Weight Training Prescription Specialist“- took place last weekend, February 18th and 19th and several executives from the Portuguese Federation (FLCF) attended the event, leaded by its president, Mr. Vitor Reis.

Picture: Professor Mauricio de Arruda -chairman of IFBB Technical Committee- with FLCF president, Mr. Vitor Reis (below) and with some of the athletes, coaches and FLCF officials who attended the course.