International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


IFBB President Santonja, had dinner in Lima with IFBB Judges Committee Chairman Mr. Pawel Filleborn with President of Federation of Peru and organizer, Dr Florencio Portocarrero, Vice President for South America Mr. Aquiles de Cesare, President of South American Confederation Mr. Juan Paredes, Secretary of South American Confederation Mr. Alcides Medina, Treasurer of South American Confederation Mrs. Teresa Carreňo, Secretary of South Brazilian Confederation Mr. Bruno Coraucci, Competence Directors of South American Confederation Mrs. Cristina Musumeci and Mr. Ernesto Pastelnick and Argentinian Federation President Dic Fernando Loreiro.


Before the sport battle begins, with live TV; among almost 500 competitors of the 11 South American countries integrated into the CSFF; several executives of the IFBB & CSFF met with the President Santonja, on thursday 10th, in a fellowship dinner to toast the success of these championships held in Llima (Peru) that have already entered into history, reaching a competitors´ record.

Throughout the entire opening day, which has been developed the weight in leaded by Mr. Pawel Filleborn; officers and executives from the 11 federations that make up the CSFF, have shown excellent behavior of brotherhood and sportsmanship, powered by spanish language that unites all of them, except Brazil, though it is very similar to portuguese.

Near to starts the competition, which can be followed in live –– must highlight the great work done by the National Federation of Bodybuilding of Peru (FDNFyF), chaired by Dr . Florencio Portocarrero, with the support of the Peruvian Institute of Sport.

About the sport area, let´s remind that the absolute winners in Bodybuilding (senior), Body Fitness, Bikini and Physique Men’s will have a professional license.

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