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Event Results

2017XVII Juegos Bolivarianos 2017Santa Marta, ColombiaDownload General Results
2017IFBB Diamond Cup Greece,
Galatsi Olympic Stadium,
Athens, GreeceDownload General Results
2017IFBB International Latvian CupRiga, LatviaDownload General Results
20171st IFBB European Fit Model Cup Riga, LatviaDownload General Results
2017IFBB Diamond Cup CancunCancun MexicoDownload General Results
2017Panamerican Bodybuilding & Fitness ChampionshipsCuenca, EcuadorDownload General Results
2017IFBB World Junior and Master ChampionshipsBistrita, RomaniaDownload General Results

IFBB World Men Championships & Annual CongressBenidorm, SpainDownload General Results

Oceania/South Pacific ChampionshipsSydneyGeneral Results coming soon.
2017PEPA Grand Prix 2017Opava, Czech RepublicGeneral Results coming soon.

Championships Amateur Asia HKHong KongDownload General Results
2017Nordic ChampionshipsAlingsas, SweedenGeneral Results coming soon.

Ben Weider Legacy Cup TorontoToronto, CanadaDownload General Results

IFBB Diamond Cup RomeRoma, ItalyDownload General Results
2017International Polish CupBiałystok, PolandGeneral Results coming soon.
20172017 IFBB European Children Fitness ChampionshipsBudapest, HungaryDownload General Results
20172017 7th. Flex Sports Festival Kingdom of BahrainGeneral Results coming soon.
2017IFBB Bodybuilding Ternopil Cup 2017Ternopil, UkraineGeneral Results coming soon.
2017Championship Amateur IndiaIndiaDownload General Results

IFBB Diamond Cup Persian Gulf

Elite Qualifying
Teheran, IranDownload General Results
2017Show of Strength.SingaporeDownload General Results


Ben Weider Legacy Cup and Nordic Fitness Expo

Elite Qualifying
FinlandDownload Results 1º Day

Download Results 2º Day
20172017 IFBB Diamond Cup KatowicePolandDownload General Results
2017EVLS PraguePragueDownload General Results

Arnold Classic Europe

Elite Qualifying
Barcelona, SpainDownload General Results
2017Tyngre Classic VISolnahallen, Stockholm, SwedenGeneral Results coming soon.
2017Tiger Classic XI BucharestDownload General Results

43nd South American Championships

Elite Qualifying
Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDownload General Results
20172017 North American ChampionshipsPittsburgh, Penn, USAGeneral Results coming soon.

Ben Weider Legacy Cup Aruba

Elite Qualifying
ArubaDownload General Results
20172017 IFBB World Children Fitness ChampionshipsNovi Sad, SerbiaDownload General Results

Olympia Amateur Spain
Open for all the IFBB-affiliated National Federations

Elite Qualifying
Marbella, SpainDownload General Results
2017IFBB Diamond Cup Portugal,
Open for European and North African Countries
Espinho, PortugalDownload First day Results

Download Second day Results
2017Danish OpenHerning, DenmarkDownload General Results

2017Black Sea Championships
Open for Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Armenia, Poland and Belarus
GeorgiaGeneral Results coming soon.
2017 IFBB Diamond Cup Ostrava
Open for European Countries.
Ostrava, Czech RepublicDownload General Results

51st AFBF Championships

Elite Qualifying
Ulaanbataar, MongoliaDownload General Results
201726th Balkan ChampionshipsCacak, SerbiaGeneral Results coming soon.
2017Arnold Classic Africa
Open for all the Countries except European ones
South AfricaGeneral Results

General Results

General Results

European Championships 2017 and Congress.
Open to all EBFF National Federations

Elite Qualifying
Santa Susanna, SpainGeneral Results

General Results

General Results
201726th Balkan ChampionshipsBar, MontenegroGeneral Results coming soon.
2017Mediterranean Championships
Open for Mediterranean Countries
AlgeriaDownload General Results
2017African Championships
Open for African Countries
AlgeriaDownload General Results
2017Arnold Classic Brazil
Open for Central America, Caribbean Islands, South America and
North American countries
São Paulo, BrazilDownload General Results
2017IFBB Diamond Cup UAEFujairah, United Arab EmiratesDownload General Results

2017IFBB Diamond Cup MaltaMaltaDownload General Results
2017Sweden Grand PrixSwedenDownload General Results
2017Oslo Grand PrixOslo, NorwayDownload General Results

2017Better Bodies Challenge
Open for Nordic Countries
StockholmDownload General Results
2017Arnold Classic Australia
Open for all the IFBB-affiliated National Federations
Melbourne, AustraliaDownload Men's General Results

Download Women's General Results
2017IFBB Diamond Cup CaribeSanto Domingo, Dominican RepublicDownload General Results
2017Arnold Classic ColumbusColumbus, USADownload General Results

Olympia Amateur South America

Elite Qualifying
Medellin, ColombiaDownload General Results
2016World Junior and Master ChampionshipsSanto Domingo, Dominican RepublicDownload General Results
2016Olympia Amateur Hong KongHong KongDownload General Results
2016Amateur Olympia EuropeSan MarinoDownload General Results
2016IFBB Diamond Cup, Fitness Expo Dubai Dubai Download General Results

Download Sheru Classic Results
2016IFBB Diamond CupAthens,GreeceDownload Final Result
2016Mediterranean ChampionshipsLisbon, PortugalDownload Final Result
2016Mr. Olympia Amateur JordanAmman, JordanDownload Final Result
2016World Fitness ChampionshipsBialystok, PolandDownload Result
2016World Men's Championships and Annual CongressBenidorm, SpainDownload Results 1

Download Results 2
20162016 Grand Prix PEPA and Sport Weekend (38th IFBB Amateur International)Opava, Czech RepublicDownload Result 1

Download Result 2
20162016 IFBB European Children Fitness Championships
Fitness, Bikini Fitness International Cup
Budapest, HungaryDownload Results
2016IFBB Olympia Amateur World ShowdownMoscow, RussiaDownload Result 1

Download Result 2
20162016 IFBB Tahiti Nui Cup
Open for all the IFBB-affiliated National Federations
Papeete, Tahiti, French PolynesiaDownload Results
2016South Pacific/Oceania Contest Sydney, AustraliaDownload Results
2016Nordic Championships
open for Nordic Countri
Alingsas, Sweden Download Results
201625th Balkan ChampionshipsKnjazevac, SerbiaDownload Results
2016IFBB Persian Gulf Diamond CupIranDownload Results
2016Tyngre Classic IV, Nordic CountriesStockholm, SwedenThe Results coming soon
2016IFBB Diamond CupLiverpool, UKDownload Results

Download Fit Model Results
2016Ben Weider Legacy Cup, open for all European countriesLahti, FinlandDownload Results
2016International Swiss CupSwitzerlandDownload Results
2016EVLSPragueDownload Results
2016Central American & Caribbean ChampionshipsSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic Download CAC Results Pre Drug Test
20165th Asian Beach GamesVietnamDownload Results
2016Arnold Classic EuropeBarcelana, Spain.Download Results 1day

Download Results 2day

Download General Results
2016Ben Weider Legacy Cup for North american countriesEdmonton, CanadaDownload Results
201642nd South American ChampionshipsEcuadorDownload Results
2016Arnold Classic Hong KongHong KongDownload Results
2016 Baikal Championships
Invitational event
RussiaDownload Results
2016IFBB World Children Fitness Championships
Open for all IFBB National Federations
Novi Sad, SerbiaDownload Results
2016Olympia Amateur SpainMarbella, SpainDownload Results
20162nd Black Sea championshipTbilisi, GeorgiaDownload Results 1

Download Results 2
20161st IFBB Central and Eastern Asian Juniors & Masters ChampionshipsUlan Battar, MongoliaDownload Results
2016Arnold South AfricaJohannesburg, South AfricaDownload Results 1

Download Results 2
2016IFBB Diamond CupZilinaDownload Results
201650Th AFBF Asian Bodybuilding and FitnessBeijin, ChinaDownload Men ´s Results

Download Women´s Results
2016European Championships 2016 Santa Susanna, SpainDownload Results
2016Sweden Grand Prix. Malmö, SwedenDownload Results
2016Mr. Olympia KuwaitKuwait City, KuwaitDownload Results
2016Battle of ScandinavianSwedenDownload Results
2016Arnold Classic BrazilRio de Janeiro, BrazilDownload Results
2016Loaded Cup GermanyGermanyDownload Results
2016Arnold Classic AustraliaMelbourne, AustraliaDownload Results
2016New Zealand International Amateur Championships 2016New ZealandDownload
2016Better Bodies ChallengueStockholm, SwedenDownload Results
2016Arnold Classic ColumbusColumbus, Ohio, USADownload Results

Download Womens Finalists list
2015World Junior and Master ChampionshipsSan Salvador, El SalvadorDownload Results
2015Olympia World Show DownMoscow, Russia Download Results
2015Mr. Olympia Amateur AustraliaGold Coast, AustraliaDownload Results
2015Mr. Olympia Amateur Hong kongHong Kong, ChinaDownload Results
2015World Fitness ChampionshipsBudapest, HungaryDownload Results
2015World Men's Championships and Annual CongressBenidorm, SpainDownload Bodybuilding Results

Download Classic Bodybuilding Results
2015Mr. Olympia Amateur EnglandLiverpool, UKDownload Results
2015IFBB European Children Fitness Championships & Hungarian Fitness, Bikini Fitness World CupBudapest, HungaryDownload Results
2015Nathalia Melo ClassicDublin, IrelandDownload Results
2015Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships & Nordic Fitness ExpoLahti, FinlandDownload Results
2015IFBB Diamond CupKish Island, IranDownload Results
2015Olympia Amateur EuropePrague, Czech RepublicDownload Results
2015 43rd Central American and Caribbean & Fitness ChampionshipsNassau, BahamasDownload Results
2015Arnold Classic EuropeMadrid, SpainDownload Results
201541st South American ChampionshipsLima, PeruDownload Results
2015Mr. Puerto RicoPuerto RicoDownload Results
2015European GamesBaku, AzerbaijanDownload Medal Winners
2015World Children Fitness ChampionshipNovi Sad, SerbiaDownload Results
2015Olympia Amateur SpainTorremolinos, SpainDownload Results
201549th AFBF Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships and the Annual CongressKitakyushu, JapanDownload Results
2015Arnold Classic BrazilRio de Janeiro, BrazilDownload Results
2015Mediterranean ChampionshipNize, FranceDownload Results
2015Mr. Olympia Amateur Men's Physique KuwaitKuwaitDownload Results
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2015European ChampionshipsSanta Susanna, SpainFitness/Junior Master/Men
2015IFBB Open Latvian Championships 2015Riga, LatviaDownload Results
2015Arnold Classic AustraliaMelbourne, AustraliaDownlaod Results
2015Arnold Classic North AmericaColumbus, Ohio, USADownload Results
2014Olympia Amateur AfricaJohannesburg, South AfricaDownload Results
2014World Ladies Cup Fitness And BikiniKiev, UkraineDownload Results

2014IFBB World Fitness ChampionshipsMotreal, CanadaDownload Results
2014World Juniors and Masters ChampionshipsMorelia, MexicoDownload Results
2014Arnold Classic EuropeMadrid, SpainDownload Results
2014Campeonato Sudamericano de Fisico Culturismo y FitnessBogotá - ColombiaDownload Results
2014Asian ChampionshipsSri LankaDownload Results
2014Olympia Amateur Latin AmericaAcapulco, MexicoDownload Results
2014World Children's Fitness ChampionshipsNovi Sad, SerbiaDownload Results
2014Mr. Olympia Amateur EuropePrague, Czech RepublicDownload Results
2014European Bodybuilding & Fitness ChampionshipSanta Susanna, SpainBB Results

Fitness Results

J&M Results
2014Balkan ChampionshipsZajecar, SerbiaDownload Results
2014Arnold Classic BrazilRio de Janeiro, BrazilDownload Results
2014World Men's Bodybuilding ChampionshipsBrasilia, BrazilDownload Results
2014Arnold Sports FestivalColumbus, Ohio, USADownload Results
2014World Classic Bodybuilding Championships and Bikini Fitness & Men's Physique CupLa Nucia (Alicante), SpainDownload Results
20142nd Ben Weider DIamond CupLianyungang, ChinaDownload Results
2014Olympia Amateur MoscowMoscow, RussiaView Results
20144th Asian Beach Games (Olympic program)Phuket, ThailandDownload Results
2013Arnold Classic BrazilsRio de Janeiro, BrazilDownload Results
2013Arnold Classic EuropeMadrid, SpainDownload Results
2013European ChampionshipsSanta Susanna, SpainDownload Results
2013World Children Fitness ChampionshipsNovi Sad, SerbiaDownload Results
2013European Amateur Bodybuilding ChampionshipsChisinau, MoldovaDownload Results
2013Central American TournamentLa Antigua, GuatemalaDownload Results
2013Balkan ChampionshipsPlovdiv, BulgariaDownload Results
2013Women's World Amateur ChampionshipsKiev, UkraineDownlaod Results
2013Asian Bodybuilding Amateur ChampionshipsAlmaty, KazahstanDownload Results
2013Arnold Classic ColumbusColumbus, Ohio, USADownload Results
2013Mediterranean Bodybuilding & Fitness ChampionshipsCorsica, FranceDownload Results
2013World Juniors Masters ChampionshipsUlaanbaatar, MongoliaDownload Results
20131st Ben Weider Diamond CupAthens, GreeceDownload Results
2013Men's World Amateur Bodybuilding ChampionshipsMarrakech, MoroccoDownload Results


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