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We are proud to introduce some of our best IFBB international athletes, in a new section in our Blog and social networks and, coming soon, also in VIDEO!

Let´s discover EKATERINA GRIMA; Women´s Physique World Champion 2016, representing Ukraine:

How do your friends call? My full name is Ekaterina. But my mom use to call me “lovely Katyusha” and my friends calls me “Katya”.

How many years have you been practicing this sport? When I was 15, I really wanted to be in the gym, but it was difficult in that time. So, just when I was 22 (after I had my daughter), I started my training. But many years, I was really slim and looks like a “Bikini” athlete. Today I am 38.

How did you look, 10 years ago?  I was 47 kg lady. But I prefer how do I look now. 

How long have you been competing? My first ever competition was on autumn  2012. So, on stage, I´ve been 4 years.

After you’ve won the World´s, what is now your challenge? I think I am not enough good, so will try to build my shape and will see how I can change it more. I want to see my progress.

In two phrases, what means your sport means for you? I just can say that it is my lifestyle.

When you started in the gym, what motivated you? My thoughts that I didn’t reach my limit, motivated me a lot!

Tell us how you like to train, your schedule, if you like to isolate muscles, etc…? My training is very different. I usually like heavy (basic exercises ) weights and pumping with light (isolate exercises). Each workout is always different, there’s no one the same. It makes my workout more productive and interesting.

Tell us how you distribute your potential throughout the year, and the changes in the build up for a championshipAfter season I use to rest for a few months, but it doesn’t mean, that I am not training. My rest means 4 workouts every week and cardio session about 3 hours a week. But I do not like that time. I´m usually waiting when my rest will be finish. So after that, I choose my next competition. And I start to live again, because I have a lot of workouts which changes my body more and more, each time. When competition time is starting I just think that maybe it was not enough workouts. Time passes so quick…!

What dietary supplements do you use?  During my off season, I try to eat clean food 5 times a day, but sometimes (once a week ) I use to do “cheating day”. When I start my diet, I use more vegetables and controlling my carbs and I use to eat 6-7 meals.

Tell us what a typical day in your life: Usually, all my weeks are: my work, my workout, my family and my hobby .

Your Favorite Music:  Different types of music but I prefer to listen music when I am driving.

Your favorite singer: Madonna

Your favorite film: There is not a favorite film, but I like old Soviet films.

What is your dream? My dream came true when I started my competition career. Then, my dream came true when I won a title as Overall World Champion. Now I have a dream: to have a villa in Spain and to live and work, near Mediterranean Sea.

Coffee or Tea ?- I love coffee with milk, and tea with something sweet.

Your favorite food? I love fish in any type of dishes, love vegetables, fruits..

Do you like cooking? like cooking when there’s for somebody.

Do you have a couple? Yes, I have. My lovely man and coach, Aleksandr Slobodyanyuk. He was World Champion 2013 (-100 kg category) and now is Pro athlete.

Your favorite color? Red.

Your horoscope? I was born on 3rd. August, so I am Lioness.

Tell me a reason to leave everything, including your training: I never think about that. And even, do not want to think.

Do you consider that have been lucky, in lifeI can say that I am lucky in my life.

Give me a phrase give for your epitaph: “Never give up”. And one more: “Everything is in your hands”.

Tell us your next goal to achieve, as an athlete: Maybe to stand on a Pro stage, with the best athletes, and to win, of course…!

Who is your idol? I never had idols, because every person is special and unrepeatable. I prefer to be myself.

What advice would you give to beginners? If you decide to start a Bodybuilding career, just try it. But do not think that it’s easy. If you afraid about difficulty, just do not start it.