International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Another interview to discover some of our best athletes: She is Kristina Koroliak (Estonia), European Fitness Champion (Junior and Absolute) and current IFBB World Champion.


How do your friends call?  Kristina.


How many years have you been practicing this sport?  9 years.


How long have you been competing? 7 years

 After you’ve won the World´s, what is now your challenge? Looking like a world champion, the rest of my life.

In two phrases, what means your sport means for you? An opportunity to be myself; to challenge myself; to find satisfaction; to relax my mind; to feel my body. To make unforgettable moments and live them, with whole heart.

When you started in the gym, what motivated you? Being healthy and a beautiful person.

Tell us how you like to train, your schedule, if you like to isolate muscles, etc…? I train almost every day, about 2 hours. I like training legs, most of all. I do stretching every day. Sometimes I like to participate in group training, such as Bodypump and Bodyattack. I cant live without training more than 2 days.

What dietary supplements do you use?  Protein powder and BCAA

Tell us what a typical day in your life: (7.00) Waking up and go to work, until 15.00. (16.00) Personal trainings with women and children. (19.00) My training. (23.00) Time to sleep. During weekends, I spend time with my friends, my family and my dog. I like walking, near the sea, with my dog.

Your Favorite Music:  Popular

Your favorite singer: Enrique Iglesias

Your favorite filmI love you.

Your favorite actor and actress:  Gerard Butler and Sandra Bullock.

 What is your dream? To have a lovely family 

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

 Your favorite food? Pasta and chocolate

 Do you like cooking? No

 Do you have a couple? No

Your favorite color? White

Your horoscope? Aries

 Your superstition? To look in the mirror, if forgot something

Tell me a reason to leave everything, including your training: Summer, sun and beach

 Do you consider that have been lucky, in life? I had an opportunity to do what I want

 Give me a phrase give for your epitaph: No one is you and that is you power.

Tell us your next goal to achieve, as an athlete: To be again world champion

 Who is your idol? People who believe in me and my coach.

What advice would you give to beginners? Turn your pain into power, never give up, organize and share what matters to you.

Give us a headline to complete the interview: If you see it in your mind, you’re going hold it in your hand.