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President Santonja with Mr. KP Ourama...

Although it was a very short stop in Helsinky, during a connection flight to Tokyo, it was impossible for President Santonja to pass through Finland missing the opportunity to meet with Mr. KP Ourama, President of the Nordic Federation and a very active IFBB official. At the meeting there were some important matters in the […]

Successful seminar for Judges, Coache...

Organized by the President of the Finnish Federarion, KP Ourama and with The Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committe, Pawel Filleborn as lecturer, this past weekend a very successful educational seminar took place in Lahti, attended by IFBB Judges, Coaches and the best elite IFBB athletes. The participation of Coaches and athletes in these activities […]

IFBB Educational Seminars in Lebanon

Judges Seminar and Weight Training Prescription Specialist Seminar have started in Lebanon from June 26th – 27th. The seminars, organized by the Lebanon Federation and Mr. Pawel Filleborn, Chairman of IFBB Judges Committee for the first time were both a great success.



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