International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Over 30 athletes and coaches took part in the recent Anti-Dopping Seminar offered by Professor Mauricio de Arruda Campos -chairman of IFBB Anti-Doping Committee-, in Oslo (Norway) during February the 6th – 7th.

As a signatory of the WADA Code (World Anti Doping Agency) since 2009, IFBB has been working in a serious and rigorous manner, in both the prevention and detection of doping, and the awareness of athletes and coaches about the dangers to their health and career. Seminars like this are common in the program developed by the IFBB Technical Committee and will continue to develop, along this year.

Besides, IFBB offers a deep information about Anti-Doping rules in its website, in which athletes can find reports as “WADA Athlete Reference Guide” or “IFBB Pocket Guide for Doping Control”. (You can check them at the following link).

This Anti-Doping Seminar celebrated in Oslo was organized in coordination with the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness in Norway (NKF), chaired by Mrs. Tone Opheim, and was completed the following day with an interesting workshop about Weight Training Prescription Specialist.