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Amix Patriot Cup 2016

Amix Patriot Cup 2016-2

Last weekend, on April 17th, the Slovak Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (SAKFST) celebrated the 2016 AMIX Patriot Cup in Vranov nad Toplou (Eastern Slovakia).

The competition program included Junior Bodybuilding, Junior and Women’s Bikini Fitness and Junior Men’s Physique categories.

The 2016 AMIX Patriot Cup was as well, a little celebration of 35 years of Bodybuilding in Slovakia and also 10 years of EastLabs, a portal which supports all of the bodybuilding and fitness activities in Slovakia but also in the world, as one of the IFBB Press Partners.

There were several people supporting this competition but those who were the most important got to be rewarded by IFBB President Rafael Santonja.
Acknowledgement for their work and bodybuilding activity overall obtained these: Mr. Gabriel Berec, bronze IFBB medal for Mr. Vlado Tabaka, silver IFBB medal for Mr. Stefan Semko, Mr. Stanislav Svarbalik and Mr. Jozef Mihalcin. In the name of IFBB President Rafael Santonja, the medals were granted by SAKFST president Mr. Milan Cizek.

Congratulations to the SAKFST and EastLabs for their good work!

All results at the following LINK.