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Alexander Castro wins the XXVI Vitasalud Cup Mr and Ms RD Bodybuilding & Fitness

Alexander Castro won the cup XXVI Vitasalud Mr & Ms Dominican Republic of Bodybuilding and Fitness, held last Sunday in the conference room of the Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino.

Also, the Team Gurabo Sports Nutrition, was the winner team, while Mark Felix, was the Men’s Physique overall winner; Carolina Solano, in Bodyfitness and Dianny Terrero in Bikni Fitness.
To win the overall Cup event, Castro faced and win over the winners of the other Bodybuilding categories. Previously, he had won among their group, heavy weight, with Manolo Félix in second place, Bermudo Antenor in third place and Sócrates Alba in fourth position.

Men’s Physique overall winner, Félix won in its category, over 180, Ricardo Rodriguez took the second position, Jonathan Checo the third, Wilmer Baez was fourth, and the fifth was for Victor Posso.

“The Terrero”, the Bikini Overall winner won on her category, up to 168 cm, Wendy Ramirez won the second place, Michell Medina was third; Betsi Arias took the fourth place, Fanny Breton fifth and Dalia Mordechay was sixth.

Carolina Solano, was the Bodyfitness Overall winner. She had already had won on up to 165, where Paola Flores was second; Karla Demorizi, third, Lina Maria Valera fourth; Nansy Ninoska, fifth and Magdalena Martinez, sixth.

The Men’s Physique category for over 40 years was won by Guiber Matos, who left second position to Martin Gabirondo; the third to Juan Carlos Araujo, the fourth to Michael Peralta and the fifth to Alfredo Castillo.

In Bikini for over 35 years, Vanessa Rojas was first; second, Fanny Breton; third, Yahaira Medrano; fourth, Beatriz Hernández; fifth Sugey Maura and sixth Noelia Álvarez.
The Master Bodyfitness category for over 35 years, Paola Flores won with the second position to Karla Demorizi, the third to Nancy Ninoska the fourth toFlorence de los Santos and the fifth to Vanessa Tezano.

Light bodybuilding category was won by Jorge Francisco; second position was for Arthur Cabral, the third for Fremio Castle the fourth for Hilario Robles, the fifth for Jose Parra.

The rest of the results were as follow:

Junior Men’s Physique: First, Jerry serum; second, Braulio Encarnación; third, Marcos Pérez; fourth, Luis Suleiman; fifth Jose Zapata and sixth, Dennis Morillo.

Bikini up to 158: First, Paula Alejandra Jaimes and second Sugey Alvarez.

Men’s Physique up to 170: First, Wilbert Duran; second, Marcos Pérez; third, Willy Aponte; fourth Dennis Morillo, and fifth Marino Cruz.

Men’s Physique up to 176: First, Víctor Pérez; second, Máximo Méndez; third, Joan Bruno; fourth, Peter Musa; fifth Allan Batista and sixth Wellington Liranzo.

Welterweight Bodybuilding: First, Paul Mejía; second, Bienvenido Aurelio, third, Aderlis Vargas; fourth, Ramón David Castillo; fifth Auric Alcántara and sixth, Martín Cortines.

Bodyfitness up to 165: First, Carolina Solano; second, Paola Flores; third, Karla Demorizi; fourth, Lina María Valera; fifth Nancy Ninoska, and sixth, Magdalena Martínez.

Bikini fitness up to 165: First, Dianny Terrero; second, Wendy Ramírez; third, Michell Medina; fourth, Betsy Arias; fifth Fanny Breton and sixth, Dalia Mordechay.

Welnell Bikini: First, Gabriela García; second Beatriz Hernández and third, Noelia Maura.

Men’s Physique up to 180: First, Braulio Encarnación; second, Michael Alejandro Gómez; third, Martín Sánchez; fourth, Luis Rivera; fifth Bermil Barnabás and sixth Jose Luis Martínez.

Bodybuilding Medium Category: First, José Pedro Aso; second, Francisco Peña; third, Pierre Cloudy; fourth, Johneyvy Morillo; fifth Joshua Morillo and sixth Hanne Splaklen.

Men’s Physique over 180: First, Larry Zimmerman; second, Guiver Matos; third, Luis del Rosario; fourth, Luis Suleiman; fifth, Domingo Regalado and sixth Toribio Suárez.

Light heavyweight Bodybuilding: First, Edwin Paredes; second, Puro Suarez third, Gerónimo Gómez; fourth, Coicou Patrick; fifth Raúl Tejeda and sixth Miguel Aquino.

Bikini Fitness over 166: First, Vilfa Fernández; second, Vanessa Rojas; third, Vanessa Quiroz; fourth, Angela Molina; fifth Evelin Reinoso and sixth, Sterling Díaz.

Choreographic Fitness: First, Nansy Ninoska; second Blotska Irina and third Karla Demorizi.

Gurabo Sports Nutrition was the winner team, Vitasalud team was second and third, the Universal.

The welcoming speech was held by the President of the Dominican Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, Mr. Tony Peña R, who introduced John Arendzs, president of the Central American and Caribbean Confederation of our sport, who spoke a few files to the audience. Just before him, Mr. Félix Batista Soto, President of the Dominican Commission of Judges said a prayer, followed by the National Anthem.