International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Andrew Michalak
Saturday was the first day of battle on the stage at the Podlaskie Opera and the first medal were awarded. All categories run today were run from the beginning (elimination round) till the end (finals plus awarding ceremony) except of Women’s and Men’s Fitness where the semifinals were run only.
In WOMEN’S BODYFITNESS gold medals went to:
158 cm class: Eva Berenguer (Spain)
163 cm class: Svetlana Fiskova (Russia)
168 cm class: Katarrzyna Dudek (Poland)
Over 168 cm class: Lucia Kosecka (Slovakia)
With the overall trophy for Katarzyna Dudek (Poland).

In WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE gold medals went to:
163 cm class: Ekaterina Grima (Ukraine)
Over 163 cm class; Todorka Ivanova (Bulgaria)
With the Overall title for Ekaterina Grima (Ukraine)

In MEN’S PHYSIQUE gold medals went to:
170 cm class: Gurnek Singh (Portugal)
174 cm class: Shao Zhong Zheng (China)
178 cm class: Yahya Al-Kiyumi (Oman)
Over 178 cm class: Khodadad Shafiepour (Iran)
With Overall trophy for Shao Zhong Zheng (China). He was the only 2015 world champion who came again and won his second world title.

Complete results of the 1st day HERE – LINK