International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Andrew Michalak
Photo: Igor Kopcek (EastLabs)
The most intriguing question everyone was talking about was if the famous Hungarian children fitness star Regina Benkő would grasp her 7th gold medal? She won all 6 previous Championships, began at the first Children Worlds in 2010 in Bratislava. Amazing achievements!
Last year her main opponents were Kristina Juricova (Slovakia) and Anna Oravecz (Hungary). Juricova has already moved to juniors, winning bronze medal at the latest European Championships in Santa Susanna. Still improving Oravecz was a very demanding challenger to Benkő this time, losing the final routine round by 2 points only. Anyway, Benkő slightly won all three rounds and has done something ubelivable: won all seven consecutive World Championships, passing through all age categories! Unquestionable children fitness Quinn! Congratulations and be not less successful in the junior age division! It was her last start at the Children Fitness Worlds. She will compete in children division till the end of this year, so may fight for the continental title in October in Budapest as well.
Oravecz entered the game in 2014, beginning with 6th place, moving up to 3rd position last year and silver medal now. She will also move to junior’s division next year. Bronze medal went to Anna Hepnerova (Slovakia). She is also a very determined girl, competing in the first Children Worlds in 2010 in the same category with Benkő. She took the 4th position then. Repeated this place in 2014 and now, in her last try, entered the medal zone.
Zsófia Szigethy (Hungary) debuted at the Children Worlds in 2015 (7th place) and moved up to 5th position now, ahead of the experienced Ukrainian star Daryna Kobzar, who began her children fitness career at the 2012 Worlds (5th place) and then always placed 5th or 6th, except 2015 when she missed the event. Also will turn junior next year. And only the 6th pace winner, Anastasiia Yeromina (Ukraine) will be remain in this class next year.