International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Andrew Michalak
Photo: Igor Kopcek

Around 21;30 the official athlete registration run at the Deloix Hotel in Benidorm was finished. There will be an inauguration of two Games Classic Bodybuilding Categories: up to 175 cm and over 175 cm and to promote this new division IFBB allowed competitors to participate in Games Classic Bodybuilding as well as in the Classic Bodybuilding, so many names are in the start list of both divisions. As the Games Classic Bodybuilding is a new division and the winners will be historical first big names, I will not discuss their chances. Let’s wait and see, who is who in this classes.

Classic Bodybuilding up to 168 cm (13 competitors): Kikwan Seol (Korea) won the title in 2014 and 2015, so will try to do a hat trick. In 2014 he won by 1 point only over Seyed Mirnoorallahi (Iran) and they will meet once again. Other well-known stars: current European champion Stanislav Vizenher (Ukraine), 2015 European champion Daniel Cubeddu (France).

Classic Bodybuilding up to 171 cm (18 competitors): last year’s champion Hyojung Kim came top regain the title, accompanied by 4th place winner Kiho Mun. They will meet 2014 bronze medal winner Mahdi Parvani (Iran), current European champion Omar Obino (Italy) and top 3 from the latest Asian Championships: Wang Hua and Ran Mao Rong (both of China) and Hyojung Kim (Korea) plus Amateur Olympia Spain winner Aristide Mbomni Tiam (Germany).

Classic Bodybuilding up to 175 cm (11 competitors): last year’s runner-up Andrej Varga (Slovakia) may dream about the gold medal, having as a main challenger 2015 South American Championships overall winner Julián Paredes (Argentina).

Classic Bodybuilding up to 180 cm (18 competitors): top 2 from the latest European Championships: Patryk Jaskiewicz (Poland) and Antonio de la Torre (Spain), who were tied 26:26 in Santa Susanna, will meet in the exciting return battle,

Classic Bodybuilding over 180 cm (16 competitors): last year’s world champion (up to 180 cm class) and current European Championships overall winner Hubert Kulczynski (Poland) will be challenged by former world champion Mateusz Kolkowski (also Poland), last year’s silver medal winner Keyvan Rezapour (Iran), bronze medal winner Kaveh Jazani (Azerbaijan) and 4th place winner Boris Orava (Czechia). Amazing group of superstars!

Bodybuilding 65 kg (14 competitors): last year’s bronze medal winner Daniel Luna (Ecuador) will meet the current Asian champion Kamil Al-Muqaimi (Oman) and as always demanding challengers from Korea (Kyeongmo Park and Yonggyu Kim) and Iran (Gholamreza Alizadeh).

Bodybuilding 70 kg (18 competitors): 2014 world champion (65 kg) Daniel Sticco will meet former multi world champion Corrado Maggiore (both of Italy), 2014 Arnold Europe winner Antonio Herrera and 2016 Arnold Europe winner Jonay Mesa (both of Spain), 2014 World Championships runner-up Mahdi Heydari (Iran), 2016 Arnold USA winner Fawaz Alhalawa (Kuwait), former European and Arnold USA champion Marcin Kosel (Poland) and former European champion Miroslav Skadra (Slovakia). Very yough category, full of champions.

Bodybuilding 75 kg (23 competitors): multi world champion (70 kg class) Kyoungyun Nam (Korea) will be challenged by the top 2 from the latest European Championships: Maurizio Montalto (Italy) and Carles Viñals (Spain), Asian Championships runner-up Ahmad Rustom (UAE) and former European champion and Arnold Europe winner Oscar Marin (Spain).

Bodybuilding 80 kg (22 competitors): last year’s world champion (75 kg class) Seonghwan Kim (Korea) will be challenged by last year’s bronze medal winner and 2016 Arnold USA winner Masashi Suzuki (Japan) and will meet other finalists of the last year’s Championships: Fábio Lopes (Portugal) and Faisal Al-Matani (Oman). Then the current European champion and Arnold Europe winner Rafael Beltran and 2015 European champion Alberto Galan (both of Spain), double Arnold Europe winner Ariel Guong (Philippines) plus Olympia Africa and Arnold USA winner Michael Adonis (RSA) and first Olympia amateur winner Karol Malecki (Poland).

Bodybuilding 85 kg (24 competitors): last year’s world champion (80 kg) Sajad Niknampour (Iran) will meet a trio of the European champions: Ott Kiivikas (Estonia), Josep Merino and Jonatan Reverte (both of Spain) and silver medals winners: Mariusz Balazinski (Poland) and Andrii Koliada (Ukraine).

Bodybuilding 90 kg (18 competitors): former European Classic Bodybuioding overall winner and Arnold Europe winner Tomas Bendoraitis (Lithuania) will debut in bodybuilding, having as top opponents: 2015 Eurpean Championships silver medal winner Manuel Duarte (Spain), bronze medal winner Grego Frnacisca (Netherlands) and 4th place winner Vasyl Remizov (Ukraine) plus Arnold Europe masters winner Joel Pascua (Norway),

Bodybuilding 95 kg (14 competitors): maybe not so many competitors but what a caliber: last year’s world champion Szymon Lada (Poland) and bronze medal winner Jafar Ghaffarnezhad (Iran), top 2 from the latest European Championships: Luis Llorente and Manuel Cañadillas (both od Spain), current Asian champion Meysam Keshvari (Iran), former World Games winner Jinho Lee (Korea), former European Championships overall winner Peter Tatarka (Slovakia) and former world top classic bodybuilder Tomasz Kornalewski (Poland).

Bodybuilding 100 kg (14 competitors): former World Classic Bodybuilding Championships overall winner and World Bodybuilding Chamionships runner-up Andriy Kukharchuk (Ukraine), former European champion Roman Dudushkin (Russia), current European Championships runner-up Reza Kakavand (Azerbaijan), former European champion Antonio Furic (Croatia).

Bodybuilding over 100 kg (12 competitors): a dozen of gladiators, with 2014 world champion Attia Shaalan (Egypt) and bronze medal winner Andrzej Kolodziejczyk (Poland). Plus current European champion Adam Kozyra (Ukraine), Arnold Europe runner-up Jordi Martinez (Spain), 2015 Asian Championships runner-up Mohsen Samadi (Iran) and Amateur Olympia Kuwait runner-up Khaled Hamoudi (Kuwait). A lot of runner-ups dreaming to be a winner this time.

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