International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


By Andrew Michalak

The registration was run Friday evening at the venue. Almost all nominated athletes were registered; however, their distribution among categories has changed a little, depending on their current bodyweight and body height. The program has been constructed this way that some categories of each division will be held on Saturday, the other categories of the same divisions – on Sunday, making both days equally attractive.

On Friday we will see:

  • Men Bodybuilding: 70 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 100 kg classes
  • Women’s Bodyfitness: 163 cm class
  • Men’s Physique: 170 cm and 178 cm classes
  • Women’s Bikini-Fitness: 160 cm, 166 cm and 172 cm classes
  • Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness open
  • Men’s Classic Bodybuilding 171 cm and 180 cm classes

The main surprise at the registration? European Championships runner-up in men’s bodybuilding up to 70 kg category Aristide Mbomni (Germany) moving to classic bodybuilding up to 171 cm. It sometimes happens in the lighter categories. So, instead of the exciting duel: Alexandre Bozonet vs. Aristide Mbomni in 70 kg class there will be, maybe not less exciting duel: Omar Obino vs. Aristide Mbomni in classic bodybuilding up to 171 cm category.

In the absence of Rafael Beltran (Spain), Alex Zuccaro (Italy) seems to be the main pretender for the final trophy in the men’s bodybuilding up to 80 kg class, having Nour El Felyly (Spain), Gordon Singh (United Kingdom) and Artur Szudrowicz (Poland) as main opponents.

Very interesting situation has been created in 85 kg category: three top stars nominated in 90 kg class: Victor Simkin (Russia), Samir Troudi (Sweden) and Jonathan Quintero (Spain) weighed below 85 kg being registered in this category. What does it mean? That they, being a bit lighter, should display extremely good condition (muscle details and definition). Adding Norbert Zajac (Slovakia), Andriy Sharapov (Ukraine) and Mohammed Al Naama (Qatar) this will be the most tough and most exciting category!

On the other hand, they left Jorge Zamorano and Jose Lopez (both of Spain) as unquestionable favorites in 90 kg class.

All top stars registered in 100 kg class came to Marbella, so the battle between Avraam Kyriacou (Cyprus), Pascal Chuckwu (Netherlands), Luis Llorente (Spain), Ludovic Bogaert (France) and Gilberto Ciriello (Italy) will be top interesting. And one unexpected move: World Championships finalist in +100 kg class, Ivan Vodyanov (Russia), reduced his bodyweight to 97.8 kg, entering the up to 100 kg category. This will make this category even more unpredictable and tough.

Pictures: our champions at the registration

By Igor Kopcek