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by Andrew Michalak
In the recent 2 weeks IFBB visited 3 continents: Europe (Diamond Cup in Zilina, Slovakia), Asia (50th Asian Championships in Beijing, China) and Africa (Arnold Classic Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa). Now we will be back in Europe, visiting Marbella, Spain, to take part in the Olympia Amateur Europe (June 11-12, 2016). If you want to be present at all these events, you will cover the distance of 26,771 km (16,634 mi)!
Marbella is a popular Mediterranean resort at the Costa del Sol, located between Alicante and the Strait of Gibraltar. It is famous of its nice year long weather, beautiful beaches and sky scrapers, including 434 hotels and… Palacio de Congresos Adolfo Suárez which will be the venue site for this event.
This year’s Olympia Spain will be the 2nd edition of this event. Based on the last year’s attendance and popularity, women’s bikini-fitness has been expended from 4 to 6 categories and muscular men’s physique category has been added (IFBB started it from the beginning of this year). So, this year’s Olympia Spain will be bigger (22 categories) and will attract more athletes (nearly 340).
Since the competition is open for all IFBB-affiliated National Federations from all over the world, 38 countries from 5 continents (Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America) registered their teams.
Olympia Amateur Spain program includes the following divisions and categories:
– Men’s Bodybuilding: 70 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, +100 kg
– Men’s Classic Bodybuilding: 171 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm, +180 cm
– Men’s Physique: 170 cm, 174 cm, 178 cm, +180 cm
– Muscular Men’s Physique: open
– Women’s Bikini-Fitness: 160 cm, 163 cm, 166 cm, 169 cm, 172 cm, +172 cm
– Master Women’s Bikini-Fitness: open
The frame of the activity:
June 10th (Friday), from 10:00 to 20:00 – Official Athletes Registration (the venue)
June 11th (Saturday), from 10:00 (one continuous session):
– Men’s bodybuilding: 70 kg, 80 kg, 85 kg, 100 kg
– Women’s bodyfitness: up to 163 cm
– Men’s physique: 170 cm, 178 cm
– Women’s bikini-fitness: 160 cm, 166 cm, 172 cm, masters
– Men’s classic bodybuilding: 171 cm, 180 cm

June 12th (Sunday), from 10:00 (one continuous session):
– Men’s bodybuilding: 90 kg, over 100 kg
– Women’s bodyfitness: over 163 cm
– Men’s classic bodybuilding: 175 cm, over 180 cm
– Women’s bikini-fitness: 163 cm; 169 cm, over 172 cm
– Men’s physique: 174 cm, over 178 cm, muscular

The stars? Many of top IFBB international contests winners decided to compete in Marbella. To mention biggest ones: 2016 Arnold USA bodybuilding
100 kg class sensational winner Avraam Kyriacou (Cyprus), 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup super-heavyweight revelation Jan Turek (Czech Republic), two current European champions: Rafael Beltram (80 kg) and Pascal Chukwu (Netherlands), former world classic bodybuilding champion Viktor Simkin (Russia), 2015 European bikini-fitness champion and Diamond Cup overall winner Saskia Cakoci (Slovakia), South American bikini-fitness stars: Eliana Medina (Venezuela) and Giannina Lujan-Ripoll (Per), 2015 Olympia Spain bodyfitness champion winner Maria Bozinovska (Spain).
Current European men’s physique champion Dennis Johansen (Norway), 2014 Arnold Europe men’s physique champion Alberto Hiciano (Spain), 2016 Diamond Cup men’s physique overall winner Ondřej Kmošťak (Czech Republic).

Detailed pre-contest analysis in the next parts.

Since the Palacio de Congresos Adolfo Suárez auditorium offers 1500 seats only, to watch all of the above mentioned stars better to buy a ticket in advance. This may be done through the following offices:

Halcón GYM
Calle Poeta José María cano 14
29601 Marbella

Centro Deportivo Olympia
Avda Trapiche. Rincón San Bernabé 4
29601 Marbella

Dynamic Marbella
Centro Comerical Le Village – Ctra de Istán km 0,900
Urbanización Lomas de Rio Verde
29602 Marbella
952 77 50 21

Fitness Nutrition
Avda Ricardo Soriano 55
29602 Marbella
Don’t wait till the last moment. It may be too late to buy a ticket!