International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness



The second day of this year’s European Championships was devoted to Men’s Bodybuilding, including juniors and masters. Junior overall title went to new Ukrainian star Stepan Stepanenko, who also did very well in the men’s open class up to 95 kg, finishing in the 4th place, just ahead of the former European champion Roman Dudushkin.

Italian bodybuilders were successful in younger masters (age 40-49) categories winning 2 gold medals, while the overall title went to perfectly prepared Spanish star Manuel Cañadillas.

And all 8 Men’s Bodybuilding open categories. Three gold medals as well as the overall title went to Spanish bodybuilders. The rest five medals went to five different countries: Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia and Ukraine. Spanish star Jorge Zamorano unanimously won the overall title, following his gold medal in the 90 kg category.

After 2 days of the Championships, Spain remains a leader in the medal classification having 10 gold medals, 6 silver and 5 bronze. Poland has 6 gold medals, Ukraine and Italy 4 gold medals each, Sweden – 2 gold medals. The next 6 countries have 1 gold medal each: Belgium, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Netherlands and Slovakia.
Altogether, medals already went to 25 countries!

On Saturday more women will enter the stage (all Bodyfitness and Women’s Physique categories) as well as Junior and Master Men’s Physique and fitness categories semifinals.

Complete results of the 1st and 2nd days