International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Shorter line-up but packed with superstars and with… most sensational winner at this competition: 16 years old former top children fitness star Aleksandra Kepa (Poland). Who could expect such result as there were two world champions: Olga Volokh (2012) and Tatiana Dvortsova (2015) – both of Russia) as well former European champion Vera Egorova (Russia) and the 2015 World Fitness Championships finalist Karina Permiakova (Russia)? Also former children fitness world champion Vanesa Belova (Latvia), 16 years old as well.
And these two very young juniors had no respect for their much older rivals, winning both routine rounds. Belova was scored 2 points ahead of Kepa in the finals. But Belova fi9nished last in the physique assessment round and lost her chance to place high at the end; however Kepa took the 4th position in this round what gave her… the best final score in total! It was possible because girls with the best physiques: Permiakova, Volokh and Dvortsova were scored lower in the routine. So, mathematics decided and enough to say that the top 6 girls finished within a gap of 9 points, between 33 and 42 points. The 2nd position went to former world champion Olga Volokh, 45. It was 29 years gap between the winner and the runner-up!

Fitness 1: Women’s Fitness winner Aleksandra Kepa (Poland).
Fitness 2: Women’s Fitness awarding ceremony (from L): Tatiana Dvortsova (6th place); Olga Demchuk (4th place); Olga Volokh (2nd place); Aleksandra Kepa (1st place); Karina Permiakova (3rd place); Vanesa Belova (5th place); Vera Egorova (7th place).
Fitness 3: Olga Volokh (Russia) declared Women’s Fitness 2nd place winner. On the right the winner: Aleksandra Kepa.
Fitness 4: Women’s Fitness finalists (from L): Tatiana Dvortsova (6th place); Olga Demchuk (4th place).
Fitness 5: Women’s Fitness finalists (from L): Aleksandra Kepa (1st place); Tatiana Dvortsova (6th place).
Fitness 6: Women’s Fitness 3rd place winner Karina Permiakova (Russia).
Fitness 7: Women’s Fitness 4th place winner Olga Demchuk (Ukraine).
Fitness 8: Women’s Fitness 5th place winner Vanesa Belova (Latvia).
Fitness 9: Women’s Fitness 7th place winner Vera Egorova (Russia).