International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Two superstars were running battle at the top: 2016 Arnold USA super-heavyweight and overall winner Sergey Kulaev (Russia) and 2015 world champion (90 kg class) Szymon Lada (Poland). Around 20 kg heavier, with tremendous quadriceps, Kulaev won this battle unanimously. In the 3rd place 2015 European champion Roman Dudushkin (Russia), who couldn’t fight for higher position due to the lack of sharp definition but his perfect body proportions secured 3rd place for him. In the 4th position the great discovery of this season, 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup in Slovakia and Olympia Amateur Spain super-heavyweight winner Jan Turek (Czechia). Muscle definition and details were his main weapon.
2015 Belarusian Nationals overall winner and 2016 Russian Cup runner-up Ilya Lukovets (Belarus) finished 3 points behind Turek. At the Russian Cup in April he lost to Sergey Kulaev only. Then, two bodybuilders fighting for 6th place: 2016 European champion (85 kg class) Ott Kiivikas (Estonia) and Igor Fedorov (Russia). Kiivikas received one-point better scores this time. Fedorov is a new, raising star from St. Petersburg, who began to compete in 2014. His only bigger contest was the 2016 Russian Cup where he placed 5th but he displayed perfect body lines and it is only a matter of time when he will win his first contest.
Andrzej Kolodziejczyk (Poland) took 8th place. He was the 2011 World Championships runner-up and then finished 4th three time in a row. Former world top classic bodybuilder Artem Diyanov (Russia) in the 9th position and 2016 Siberian champion Mikhail Sazonov (Russia) closes the top 10.
BB 1: Men’s Bodybuilding winner Sergey Kulaev (Russia) with his trophies and cheque for Russian Rubels RUB 150,000 (EUR €2100).
BB 2: Men’s Bodybuilding winner Sergey Kulaev (Russia).
BB 3: Men’s Bodybuilding winner Sergey Kulaev with his gold medal.
BB 4: Men’s Bodybuilding top three (from L): Szymon Lada (2nd, Poland), Sergey Kulaev (1st, Russia), Roman Dudushkin (3rd, Russia).
BB 5: Men’s Bodybuilding runner-up Szymon Lada (Poland) with his trophies.
BB 6: Men’s Bodybuilding 3rd place winner Roman Dudushkin (Russia).
BB 7: Men’s Bodybuilding 4th place winner Jan Turek (Czechia).
BB 8: Men’s Bodybuilding 5th place winner Ilya Lukovets (Belarus).
BB 9: Men’s Bodybuilding 6th place winner Ott Kiivikas (Estonia).
BB 10: All finalists with IFBB officials: Pawel Filleborn and Vyacheslav Vinogradov.
BB 11: All participants with officials, organizers, sponsors, judges and trainers.
BB 12: All