International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


Fifteen bikini-fitness girls formed complete semifinal. In general, the best-known competitors took the best places. Among the IFBB superstars we could mention: 2015 European Championships overall winner Kseniia Sheveleva (Russia), former junior world champion and 2015 Olympia Europe winner Adela Storzerova (Czech Republic), 2016 European champion Natalia Lugovskikh (Russia), 2014 Arnold Europe winner Kristina Nuut (Estonia) and 2015 Arnold Europe runner-up Yulia Khotkina (Russia).
For Nuut, last year was not so successful and she didn’t change this bad trend in Irkutsk, taking 9th place. Sheveleva, Storzerova and Lugovskikh are from the tallest class, over 172 cm, so it was not their first meet. At the recent European Championships Lugovskikh won the tall class 3 points ahead of Sheveleva. At the 2015 Worlds Sheveleva placed 3rd, followed by Storzerova but at the 2015 Olympia Amateur Prague Storzerova won over Putrova and Sheveleva. It was a clear signal that Storzerova is ready to win over any top star in the world. And she confirmed her outstanding capacity in Irkutsk, winning both rounds.
The matter of the next places was a bit more complicated. The only short class star in the top 6 was Khotkina, who almost always finishes in the top 3 but has been no enough lucky to win any bigger international contest. She is small (154 cm) but beautiful and perfectly shaped. In the first round she lost only 2 points to Storzerova but in the finals she was running a very close battle against Sheveleva for 2nd place and finally they were tied 16:16. The Relative Placement Method pointed out Khotkina as the runner-up.
Same situation happened to Natalia Lugovskikh and Kseniia Romanova, who were fighting for 4th place. They were tied 19:19 in Round 1 and 20:20 in Round 2. Finally, Lugovskikh took the 4th position. Romanova and 6th place winner Victoria Kanivets are new raising stars from Russia, who displayed big potentials.

Bikini 1: Bikini-fitness winner Adela Storzerova (Czechia).
Bikini 2: Bikini-fitness winner Adela Storzerova (Czechia).
Bikini 3: Bikini-fitness runner-up Yulia Khotkina (Russia).
Bikini 4: Bikini-fitness runner-up Yulia Khotkina (left) and 3rd place winner Kseniia Sheveleva (both of Russia).
Bikini 5: Bikini-fitness finalists (from L): Yulia Khotkina (2nd place), Eva Havelkova (7th place), Anna Solodova (10th place).
Bikini 6: Bikini-fitness finalists (from L): Anna Solodova (10th place); Kseniia Sheveleva (3rd place).
Bikini 7: Bikini-fitness finalists (from L): Natalia Lugovskikh (4th place); Kseniia Romanova (5th place).
Bikini 8: Bikini-fitness 4th place winner Natalia Lugovskikh (Russia).
Bikini 9: Bikini-fitness 5th place winner Kseniia Romanova (Russia).
Bikini 10: Bikini-fitness 6th place winner Victoria Kanivets (Russia).
Bikini 11: Bikini-fitness 5th place winner Kseniia Romanova (Russia) with her medal.
Bikini 12: Bikini-fitness key comparison (from L): Adela Storzerova (1st place); Kseniia Romanova (5th place); Natalia Lugovskikh (4th place); Kseniia Sheveleva (3rd place); (2nd place).