International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Andrew Michalak

The first medals at the 2015 IFBB World Juniors and Masters Championships were distributed in San Salvador. Now we know new champions and among them are 4 champions from 2014 who regained the title and some other champions from the past who returned, sometimes in older class, and also regained the title. Some others moved up to the top position using up an opportunity created by the absence of the previous champions. And some others stayed at their previous positions, winning their second or third silver medal. Next battles tomorrow, on Sunday.


Junior Women’s Bikini Fitness up to 160 cm
Not fortunate category for well-known stars: Arnold Europe junior winner Johanna Sander (Germany) took the 3rd position while European Championships runner-up and last year’s bronze medal winner Paula Mocior (Poland) dropped to the 6th place. Gold medal went to a new star from Norway, Karoline Kjaernes, who won by 1 point over the next three competitors: Denisse Touriz (Ecuador), Johanna Sander (Germany) and Deniz Saypinar (Turkey) who were tied at the level of 14 points.

Junior Women’s Bikini Fitness up to 166 cm
Similar situation like in a previous class: last year’s orld junior champion Timea Trajtelova (Slovakia) won by 2 points over the next two girls: Denisa Hargasova (Slovakia) and Andrea Horňáková (Czech Republic) who were tied 14:14. Taking into account that the next three places went to: Melissa Escobar (Mexico), Alex-Maud van der Westhuizen (South Africa), Evelyn Escobar (Chile), as many as 4 continents. Trajtelova represented Slovak B-Team as her more famous team-mate European women’s champion Hargasova was entered in the A-Team. Hargasova as a leader after the 1st round but then dropped to 2nd place in the finals.

Junior Women’s Bikini Fitness over 166 cm
The next category with a tie in total. It’s an evidence how equal was the quality of top competitors in each class and they were from almost all continents. In the tall class, last year’s champion Adela Storzerová (Czech Republic) was “untouchable”, winning with almost perfect scores. But has also been successful against world top women’s champions. Evidently, Storzerová is one of the greatest and most promising stars of a new generation. Then, Veronika Gulasova (Slovakia) was tied 12:12 with newcomer from Romania, Sulea-Ioana Estrelita, but the silver medal went to Gulasova.

Bikini fitness overall title went to Timea Trajtelova, after a tough battle against Adela Storzerová (8:10)


Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding 40-49 years, open
Last year’s champion Cristian Martinez didn’t come, so the next two athletes used up this opportunity and moved one place up: Bogdan Nowakowski (Poland) won the gold medal and Brian Emerson (Australia) was the runner-up. Bronze medal went to David Lopez of Spain. Later on Nowakowski also won the overall title.

Master Men’s Classic Bodybuilding over 50 years
Mieczyslaw Nowacki (Poland) won his third-in-a-row silver medal. Johnny Grape (Sweden) returned after ten-year break and was unquestionable leader, winning both rounds with perfect scores. Gabriel Candiani (Mexico) in the 3rd position, leaving behind Jean-Marc SCHUTTRUMPF (Czech Republic), who moved one place up compared to his last year’s achievement.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 50-59 years, up to 80 kg
Last year’s champion Jose Flores (Mexico) lost the title, finishing in the 3rd place this time. 2013 world champion Armando Villa (Spain) returned and regained the title, winning all three rounds. Silver medal went to the latest South American Championships winner Henry Saldana (Peru). Fourth place for South American Championships runner-up Jose-Maria Chavez (Colombia) and then two well-known European master bodybuilders: Gunnar Paasche (Germany) and Milos Pavlu (Czech Republic).

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 50-59 years, over 80 kg
Very rare situation: nobody from the last year’s 11 participants came this year to San Salvador, so all medal winners are new; however, well-known from previous achievements. 2007 and 2011 European masters champion (40-49 group)
Sergei Cheremnykh (Russia) turned 50 and tried once again. This time he was extremely successful winning his first World Championships medal and it was the gold one! Having 2010 European masters title and two World Masters Championships silver medals (in 2011 and 2013) Iñigo Ortiz De Mendivil (Spain) was fighting for the world title but, like Mieczyslaw Nowacki, won his third silver medal. Being enough patience, maybe will be more fortunate next year. Bronze medal to Knut Oines (Sweden). European and South American masters champions: Martin Schulz (Germany) and Darío Sosa (Argentina) were less successful, finishing in 6th and 8th positions respectively.

Master Men’s Bodybuilding 60-65 years, open
In the absence of last year’s world champion Alexander Yashankin (Russia), next two medal winners used up their chance and advanced one place up: gold medal went to
Werner Zenk (Germany), the bronze one to Farhang Rahimly (Sweden). South American champion Victor Charcopa (Ecuador) in the 3rd position, then Sergio Porras of Guatemala.
Master Men’s Bodybuilding over 65, open
Last year’s world champions Esmat Sadek (Egypt) returned and regained the title. It is his third-in-a-row victory in this Grand Masters class. Next year he will turn 70! Silver medal went to Mitsugu Hachisu (Japan) and bronze medal to Willi Neubauer (Germany).

Master Women’s Bodyfitness 35-44 years
The longest line-up in Saturday, with 18 athletes on the stage. The title went to the youngest in this group 2014 Arnold USA women’s runner-up and 2014 South American women’s champion Lucrecia Tolkachier (Argentina), who just turned 35. Mediterranean champion Patricia Barbero (Spain) was the runner-up, with Arnold Europe masters champion Margita Zámolová (Czech Republic) in the 3rd place. This is her first World Championships medal after two final places in 2013 and 2014. Last year’s runner-up Nadia Isabella Pettersen (Norway) in the 9th position this time.

Master Women’s Bodyfitness over 45 years
2013 world champion in the younger group, Yolanda Fernandez (Spain), moved to older class and began in a great style, winning not only this class but also the overall category over much younger champion. Former famous women’s bodybuilder and two-time Ms. Olympia participant Zdenka Tvrda (Czech Republic) placed 2nd, only 1 point ahead of Mona Hoff of Norway.

Pictures by Igor Kopcek.