International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness


by Andrew Michalak

The first day of the Championships was very busy: started with the IFBB International Congress in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, the Technical Meeting followed by the Official Registration which ended around 22:00. The Start List was completed during the night, so now we know in which categories the most exciting battles could be expected.

Classic bodybuilding up to 168 cm: 2014 world champion Kikwan Seol (Korea) vs. the runner-up Seyed Mirnoorollahi (Iran).

Classic bodybuilding up to 171 cm: world champion Fernando Gornals (Spain) vs. finalist He Zhang Ming (China).

Classic bodybuilding up to 180 cm: world champion Mohammad Ranipour (Iran) vs. the runner-up and European Games winner Ali Emre (Azerbaijan) and Arnold Europe overall winner Andrey Shimdt (Russia).
Classic bodybuilding over 180 cm: world champion Andriy Kukharchuk (Ukraine) vs. bronze medal winner Mateusz Kolkowski (Poland) and 4th place winner Kaveh Jazani (Azerbaijan).

Bodybuilding up to 65 kg: former world classic bodybuilding champion Sungwon Kang (Korea) vs. World Championships runner-up Daniel Luna (Ecuador).

Bodybuilding up to 70 kg: three world champions: Anwar Al-Balushi (Oman), Kyoungyun Nam (Korea) and Daniel Sticco (Italy) vs. two European champions: Marcin Kosel (Poland) and Roman Iushchenko (Ukraine) plus Arnold Europe winner Antonio Herrera (Spain).

Bodybuilding up to 75 kg: former Asian champion and Arnold USA winner Hamad Alshatti (Kuwait) vs. former World Games winner Changsoon Boo and World Championships runner-up Seonghwan Kim (both of Korea).

Bodybuilding up to 80 kg: former world champion Sajad Niknampour (Iran) vs. medal winners: Faisal Al-Matani (Oman), Aleksei Denisov (Russia), Danijel Miklecic (Croatia), Masashi Suzuki (Japan).

Bodybuilding up to 85 kg: former world champion Babak Akbarnia (Iran), vs. Arniold Europe winner Abel Martin Perez (Spain), former European champion Josep Merino (Spain).

Bodybuilding up to 90 kg: world champions Hadi Choopan (Iran) and Ahmed Al-Harthi (Oman) vs. Asian overall winner Khalil Asadi (Iran), former European champion Aleksandr Koliashnikov (Russia), former world junior champion Louis Bessinger (South Africa).

Bodybuilding up to 95 kg: world championships runner-ups: Szymon Lada (Poland) and Andriy Kukharchuk (Ukraine) vs. South American overall winner Oswaldo Gonzalez (Venezuela), European champion Reza Zinatlou and silver medal winner Shahriyar Nematymirzee (both Azerbaijan).

Bodybuilding up to 100 kg: Amateur Olympia and Arnold Europe runner-up Reza Kakavand (Azerbaijan) vs. former Arnold Europe classic bodybuilding champion Carlos Blanco (Spain) and Asian champion Pouria Payoun (Iran).

Bodybuilding over 100 kg: World Championships runner-up Isaac Qavidel (Iran), bronze medal winner Andrzej Kolodziejczyk (Poland) and 4th place winner Raed Fuad (Bahrain) vs. Asian champion and Amateur Olympia winner Abdulhadi Al-Khayat (Kuwait), European Championships runner-up Michael Muzo (Netherlands), former European junior champion Mykhailo Itchenko (Ukraine).

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