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Bodybuilding star: Cesar Quispe (Peru)


Bodyfitness star Susana Alegre (Argentina)

by Andrew Michalak

The world bodybuilding and fitness boom is on the move! The upcoming 2015 IFBB 41st South American Championships to be started next Friday, September 11, in Lima Peru, attracted nearly 500 competitors, what is a historical record-breaking attendance. And there are only 13 countries on the continent, compared to Europe and Asia, with well over 30 countries. Lima, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is the capital and largest city of Peru, with nearly 10 million inhabitants. The 3rd largest city in Americas, Lima will also host the 2019 Pan-American Games, where our physique sport will also be present.

According to the South American Bodybuilding and Fitness Confederation [CSFF] General Secretary Mr. Alcides Medina, the event will also include the annual CSFF General Assembly as well as the IFBB Judges Seminar run by the IFBB Judges Commission Chairman Mr. Pawel Filleborn, which will be held prior to the Championships, on Thursday. The Championships will be attended by the IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja and CSFF President Mr. Juan Paredes, M.Sc.

The venue site for the Championships will be Coliseo Del Centro De Alto Rendimiento La Videna (La Videna High Performance Sports Center), which hosted also the 2013 Bolivarian Games. Including overalls, medals will be distributed in 73 bodyweight and body height categories. Who will compete?

In Men’s Bodybuilding we will see the 2013 overall winner Cesar Quispe (Peru), who didn’t participate last year by in the meantime entered the finals of the 2014 World Championships and won the overall title at the 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil. Then, last year’s 60 kg class winner Wellington Luna (Ecuador), 70 kg class winner Fanor Trujillo (Colombia), 80 kg class winner Jhofran Martinez (Venezuela) and 90 kg class winner: Mauro Pulido (Venezuela). Moreover, two 2013 continental champions: Oswaldo Gonzalez (Vemezuela) in 85 kg class and Matthew Maisterow (Peru) in over 100 kg class. The next interesting personalities: 2007 runner-up Luiz Ricardo Plata (Colombia), who also returns following his 4th place at Arnold USA and 2nd place at Arnold Brazil, Leandro Gomes Tavares (Brazil) who was the world champion in the other organization and will debut in the IFBB and Cleber Reis (Brazil) who was the +100 kg class runner-up in 2008 and returns.
Moreover, many 2014 and 2013 silver medal winners, who will try to get the “gold” this time: Guillermo Capo (65 kg), Hermain Marreros (70 kg), Roberto Granda (90 kg), Oscar Antonio Zaracho (90 kg), Jose Ponce (95 kg), Rodrigo Cortez (100 kg), Angel Pablo Veliz (100 kg),

Not less interesting the Masters Bodybuilding categories, with so famous stars like Frank Sucre (Venezuela), Marilandio Ponchet (Brazil), Fausto Caicedo (Ecuador) and Luiz Gigena (Argentina). In Classic Bodybuilding one last year’s champion: Eduardo Rodríguez (Venezuela) in +180 cm class and three 2013 winners: Enrique Bonifaz (Peru) in 168 cm class, Jhoan Ramos (Peru) in 175 cm class and Glen de la Cruz (Venezuela) in 180 cm class.

In Women’s Fitness 2013 champion Aracelis Melgar (Bolivia) will meet the 2015 Arnold Brazil winner Vanessa Claus Glowacki (Brazil). In Men’s Fitness last year’s champion Orlando Barraza (Venezuela) will meet two-time bronze medal winner Marco Montaño (Bolivia).

Women’s Bodyfitness attracted 29 girls (55 with juniors and masters) showing great progress compared to previous years. We will see two last year’s winners from Argentina: Susana Alegre (158 cm class) and Maria Mernes (163 cm class) but Alegre is famous of her 2015 Arnold Brazil overall victory and 2015 Arnold USA 3rd place. Will she add the next overall to her collection?
Among her opponents we can see a couple of very interesting names: two-time junior class winner Olga Mendoza (Venezuela), experienced 2011 winner Jessica Baldeon (Peru), two 2013 runner-ups: Ivonne Gutierrez (Bolivia) and Lina Maria Herrera (Colombia). The battle will be tough! In Masters Bodyfitness two famous names: 2012 winner Tibis Araque (Venezuela) and 2013 winner Loreto Soto (Chile).

In Bikini Fitness nobody from the last year’s champions but a couple of the runner-ups: Cerafina Vazquez (Paraguay) from 160 cm category and Eliana Medina (Venezuela) from 166 cm class. Ana Karen Aras (Bolivia) from 172 cm class plus 163 cm class bronze medal winner Giannina Lujan-Ripoll (Peru).

Men’s Athletic Physique will include last year’s +176 cm category champion Juan Santamaria (Venezuela) and two silver medal winners: Carlos Gordillo (Ecuador) from +176 cm class and Herby Herrera (Venezuela) from 176 cm class.

These are only a couple of names of the best known and most successful stars. At the end maybe the most important information:

you may watch this year’s South American Championships online

To do it, access to:

Live streaming will be available from 16:00 (4:00 pm) local time (UTC/GMT 22:00), on Friday, September 11th, 2015 Enjoy watching the most attractive and beautiful ladies and most muscular men of South America!