International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

2015: A very successful year for the IFBB

2015 has been a very special year for the IFBB. We have faced a lot of challengues and changes that has improved not only the IFBB, but also our beloved sport.

As the 2015 is coming to end, we would like to remind with you some of these changes:

– IFBB new platform: on May, we launched the new IFBB online platform in several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, French, German, and Italian with news, special reports, results and extra information of our sport.

– IFBB TV: on June, we launched the biggest project of 2015: our online television, IFBB TV, to all fans of bodybuilding and healthy living worldwide. We launched IFBB TV in both English and Spanish with different programs as Muscle news, with weekly IFBB news, IFBB Championships, covering all our championships over the world or Fitness Talks, with current interviews.

IFBB blog: on September, we decided to create the IFBB blog, under the leadership of Mr. Armando Márquez. He writes about very IFBB special news with his own and closer point of view to give our audience news that they’ve never read before.

This has been a spectacular year for all our championships:

– We celebrated the first IFBB Diamond Cup in Kish Island, Iran, on October with fantastic results and showing the stunning growth that our sport has achieved in this area.

– We expanded the Olympia events. On June, we celebrated the first Olympia Amateur in Spain and just a few weeks ago, the first Olympia Amateur Asia and Olympia Amateur Australia were celebrated. The success of the Olympia events on this year is undeniable.

– The global reach of the Arnold Classic events has been another of our great hits: this year we celebrated the first Arnold Classic Australia and 2 more Arnold Classic events have been set on schedule. In 2016, we will have Arnold Classic Africa and Arnold Classic Asia. As a result, we will have Arnold Classic events in the 5 continents!

Regarding our Olympic challengue, this has also been a fantastic year. Just one month ago, PASO (Panamerican Sport Organization), the Olympic body for America, recognized the IFBB at its Executive Council celebrated in Washington D.C.

2015 is just about to finish, but we keep moving to another year full of success for our sport. Join us!