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The first part of the 2014 Arnold Amateur Championships – the semifinals – is over. The number of athletes remaining in competition was reduced from nearly 600 to 265. In bodybuilding, top 5 advanced to the finals where they will perform two rounds: compulsory poses and routines. In all women’s divisions and men’s physique, top 10 advanced to the finals. In the last moment national team from Venezuela arrived but a big team from Uzbekistan didn’t arrive. Altogether, 62 countries are represented, what is an amazing IFBB achievement.
Up to 85 kg category looks great despite the fact that one of the favourites, Ahmad Ashkanani of Kuwait, didn’t come. But a new top athlete appeared: Jose Cermeno of Venezuela – 2012 Arnold Europe masters class winner. In this situation, the final of 85 kg category will include: Jose Cermeno (Venezuela), Charles Mario (Brazil), Ayad Musa (Norway), Alexander Eskin (Russia) and Oleksandr Bilous (Ukraine). Rarely seen set of champions!
Also the super heavyweight class looks great, with 2013 runner-up Paul Poloczek, who weighs incredible 124 kg, while his opponents weigh around 110 kg. Will this super mass be enough to win over new Russian star 2013 Eastern European Cup champion Sergey Kulaev, South African champion Andrew Hudson, Asian champion Abdulhadi Alkhayat (Kuwait) and his team-mate Daniel Struller?
After the first day we know the champions in Master Men Bodybuilding and Men Classic Bodybuilding.  2012 European Championships overall winner Sergij Gorenkov has made a wonderful gift to Ukrainians in these difficult days, winning the tall class and the overall title. Short class title went to Rodrigo Coelho Alves of Brazil.
Jose Cermeno of Venezuela finished ahead of 15 other competitors and won the younger masters class age 40-49. Older masters, over 50, has its new hero Eduardo Zoega (Brazil), who was the  2005 South American masters champion, then took the 5th position at the Arnold Classic Europe in 2011 and 2012. Eduardo is 53 now. Congratulations to the first Arnold Classic North America champions!

2014 Arnold Classic North America participating countries:

1.    Argentina
2.    Australia
3.    Azerbaijan
4.    Bahamas
5.    Bahrain
6.    Belize
7.    Bermuda
8.    Bonaire
9.    Brazil
10.    Canada
11.    Chile
12.    Colombia
13.    Czech Republic
14.    Denmark
15.    Dominican Republic
16.    Ecuador
17.    El Salvador
18.    Estonia
19.    Finland
20.    France
21.    Germany
22.    Greece
23.    Guatemala
24.    Honduras
25.    Hong Kong
26.    Hungary
27.    Iceland
28.    India
29.    Italy
30.    Japan
31.    Korea
32.    Kuwait
33.    Lebanon
34.    Lithuania
35.    Mexico
36.    Morocco
37.    Netherlands
38.    New Caledonia
39.    New Zealand
40.    Nigeria
41.    Norway
42.    Panama
43.    Paraguay
44.    Peru
45.    Philippines
46.    Poland
47.    Russia
48.    Serbia
49.    Singapore
50.    Slovakia
51.    South Africa
52.    Spain
53.    Sweden
54.    Switzerland
55.    Tahiti
56.    Trinidad & Tobago
57.    Ukraine
58.    United Kingdom
59.    United States Of America
60.    Uruguay
61.    Venezuela
62.    US Virgin Islands

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