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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]unday was the shortest but most exciting day of the European Fitness Championships – the day of the finals and medal distribution. First, IFBB President Dr, Rafael Santonja, paid a tribute to all participants in his opening speech, greetings the athletes, who – “set the standards of excellence in our sports”. It was especially the truth at these championships as we all expected to see the standards and trends in new IFBB sports: men’s and women’s physique as well as delicate differences between bodyfitness and bikini fitness. This will be discussed in details in the next IFBB Universe magazine.

Key persons in the Organizing Committee received unique awards. Santa Susanna Mayor Joan Campolier – the sculpture of lion titled “The spirit of courage” and Spanish Federation President Jose Ramos – the Arnold’s watch (which Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger presented to the IFBB some time ago).

Then the finals began with the 3rd and the 4th rounds of women’s and man’s fitness: the best 6 athletes in each category – the fitness poetry! Amazing routines and shaped bodies. The sport quality of the routines was fantastic. Routines by Olga Volokh, Kristina Koroljak, Piia Pajunen, Endla Vaher, Barbora Seckarova-Buncakova or Vlada Andrjuschenko were different in style but performed with technical perfection and outstanding elegance.
Men’s fitness at the highest possible level. Mixture of gymnastic, street dance, break dance and strength elements. Routines by Fedir Khashalov, Nazar Kharkhun, Lubos Koumal and new star from Russia Dmitrij Shatokhin were a breath-stopping performances.

In women’s bikini fitness something unbelievable: four gold medals went to the Slovakian girls. The next evidence of the physique sports and physical education highest level and popularity in this not so big European country. It happened first time in the IFBB history. 2012 world champion Karina Antovska grasped the overall title.

In women’s bodyfitness four titles went to four different countries: Germany, Hungary, Norway and Ukraine, with the overall title to a new star from Hungary: Gabriella Szabo.

Slovakia, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia and Norway took the top positions in the best teams classification. Surprisingly good performance of the Scandinavian countries as Finland, Denmark and Estonia also won few medals. Also very successful participation of the United Kingdom: first time so many finalists and big team. Now the results:

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