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Friday was the day of semifinals and finals in all 7 bodyweight categories. Now we know the winners and the only unknown element in the Olympia puzzle remains the overall winner. But for this we should wait till Saturday evening…
What’s interesting, all categories had a clear leader. Three athletes won all rounds with the perfect scores: Ahmad ASHKANANI (85 kg class), John Andrew CIFRA (100 kg class) and Ibrahim SAMI FAHIM (+100 kg class). The others also won all rounds but received no perfect scores. Who will win the overall? Ibrahim SAMI and Ahmad ASHKANANI showed perfect upper bodies but their legs are a bit less impressive. John CIFRA is a very complete bodybuilder with full muscles but need more details. Ahmed EL SADANY is in better condition than at the recent Men’s Worlds. Strong pretenders. And one new star, beautifully built Muneer AL JASSAS. If have a bit sharper definition… Ariel GUONG is in top shape but his muscles need a bit more sizes. It will be an tough and very exciting battle. Ibrahim SAMI FAHIM and John Andrew CIFRA met last year in 100 kg class, taking the top two places. Now FAHIM moved into the over 100 kg class, so they will meet in the overall (both won their categories). Ahmed EL SEDANY is the next 2012 champion, who successfully regained the title.
Altogether, there are exactly 80 competitors representing 18 countries, compared to 70 athletes from 15 countries last year. The main difference is the lack of Iranian team, which is always strong. Instead, we can see Algeria, Qatar and remote Mexico. But Amateur Mr. Olympia is a contest for world elite bodybuilders, so names are more important than numbers.
Three countries won 2 gold medals each: Saudi Arabia, Philippines and Egypt, but Saudi Arabia won also 4 silver and 2 bronze medals. The top quality of Saudi bodybuilders is the biggest surprise at this year’s Amateur Olympia. Their progress is outstanding. Philippines are mainly represented by trainer (Captains) from the famous Oxygen Gym in Kuwait. Egypt entered not so many competitors but of the top quality. Kuwait and Bahrain also entered bigger teams and placed in the top six teams.
by Andrew Michalak
Photos: Igor Kopcek (

Over 100 kg category medal winners:

  1. Ibrahim SAMI FAHIM (Egypt)
  2. Abdul JELLALI (Bahrain)
  3. Mohammed AL MESHAL (Saudi Arabia)

Up to 100 kg category medal winners:

  1. John Andrew CIFRA (Philippines)
  2. Qasem Ali ALLETH (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Vusumzi NJISAME (South Africa)

Up to 90 kg category medal winners:

  1. Ahmed EL SADANY (Egypt)
  2. Nasser AL-MASLAMANI (Qatar)
  3. Emad ALHARBI (Saudi Arabia)

Up to 85 kg category medal winners:

  1. Ahmad ASHKANANI (Kuwait)
  2. Adnan SHARAHIDI (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Nasser ALAKHRASH (Saudi Arabia)

Up to 80 kg category medal winners:

  1. Muneer AL JASSAS (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Omar KHALDI (Morocco)
  3. Mohammed SLIMANI (Algeria)

Up to 75 kg category medal winners:

  1. Ariel GUONG (Philippines)
  2. Hamad ALSHATTI (Kuwait)
  3. Sayed NASRALLA (Bahrain)

Up to 70 kg category medal winners:

  1. Mohammed AL TAROUTI (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Nazer AL JASSAS (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Eric ARINZOL (Philippines)


    Medals Finalists
    Gold Silver Bronze  
1. Saudi Arabia 2 4 2 10
2. Philippines 2   1 3
3. Egypt 2   1 5
4. Kuwait 1 1   6
5. Bahrain   1 1 7
6. Morocco   1   1
7. Qatar   1   1
8. South Africa     1 2
9. Algeria     1 1
10. Lebanon       1
11. Mali       1
12. UAE       1
13. Bangladesh        
14. India        
15. Mexico        
16. Oman        
17. Syria        
18. Yemen        

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